Auto & Truck Frame Repair in Burnet TX

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Auto & Truck Frame Repair in Burnet TX

Auto & Truck Frame RepairA vehicles frame or chassis doesn't just support the weight of the rest of the vehicle, it was designed to help with aerodynamics, balance and overall safety. It is the bones of the car. You wouldn't want to walk around with broken legs, would you? If the chassis is damaged in a collision it is important that certified experts repair it to factory standards to ensure that the car is safe and roadworthy. The pros at Lake Country Collision in Burnet are those experts.

Vehicle Frame Reconstruction

Using precise measurement tools and equipment a frame can be restored to its original integrity. But it is no easy task and is not a job for the do-it-yourselfer. Special instruments are used to determine the exact specifications that detail how your vehicle's frame needs to be repaired. At that point precision equipment is used to stretch the frame back to its original form, thus restoring its structural integrity providing you and your passengers the safest ride possible.

Auto & Truck Frame Repair TechniciansFrame repair should not be attempted at home. Highly specialized equipment is needed to determine the most minute measurements and make the numerous precise adjustments needed to ensure the vehicle is ready for the road. It is best to leave this job for the experts. In Burnet, Texas, the frame repair specialists are at Lake Country Collision. Give them a call today at (512) 337-1322 to learn about your frame reconstruction and auto body repair options!


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