Common Types of Auto Body Repair

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Common Types of Auto Body Repair

Common Types of Auto Body RepairWhen it comes to getting your car fixed after an accident it is important to work with a highly qualified auto body repair shop to ensure everything is done properly. Just because there are so many ways to fix collision damage doesn't meant there isn't a right way in each particular case. How your car is repaired depends on the type of damage it received, but the following are some of the most common methods of collision repair in use today.

Ding & Scratch Repair

Small dings and scratches have a couple of ways of being repaired. If there is damage to the paint caused by a ding it may be filled with small amounts of filler and painted over. Scratches can often be buffed out, but if they are deep in the paint they may require filler as well.

Paintless Dent Removal

If your car suffered a dent that did not damage the paint it is likely that paintless dent repair can be performed. This is a money saving auto body repair method as it prevents the need to repaint the car. It is performed by a skilled technician who has trained in this practice.

Color Match Auto Painting

When only a portion of your car was damaged why should you repaint the whole vehicle? Color match painting technology means only the damaged area will be resprayed, and it will match the existing paint perfectly.

Body Panel Replacement

In some instances the easiest way to fix body damage is to simply replace the panel or panels that received the impact. This could mean replacing a door, fender, bumper, trunk lid, hood or otherwise.

Auto Glass Repair

If auto glass was shattered during an accident it will need to be replaced. A professional body shop should be able to install a new windshield, door glass or any other broken window.

Frame Repair

The frame supports the engine, transmission and other vehicle components so it is critical that it is restored to its factory specs so there is no disturbance in the weight distribution. Frame repair often includes laser straightening and occasionally cutting and installing new frame rails.

When you need auto body repair in Burnet head to Lake Country Collision. We conduct all sorts of auto body repair services to ensure your car is safe and reliable after an accident. To learn more or to request a quote for professional collision repair in Burnet give us a call at (512) 337-1322 today.

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